Thursday, 1 September 2016

A thought for every doubt

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Comparison is not always a good thing to do, at least this is what i have came to believe in
The last couple of months, were a huge turning point in my life. 
Nothing major had happened, but i have came to believe in a few points in life that have totally changed me and my happiness.   

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For a while i used to compare myself with every blogger or Instagram creator i follow, their style, their editing, their feeds and the way they show their content with their following. 
I have lost interest in my own content and started seeing everything i do is just NOT enough. 

I changed my style, changed my editing and started doing a bit of what those i see do.. the resulting wasn't that good, which made me feel even worse and feel like i no more have the energy and inspiration to do this one thing that i love the most "creating content and blogging

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I took a break, and decided that when i come back i am going to be just ME; create everything the way i see as beautiful, do things ONLY my way

I might not be talkative as that girl or share my outfits as that another one do, but i post content that i love and people enjoy. 
So thankful for everyone who loves what i share, what i am more thankful for .. is taking the decision to be me no matter what 

So if you go through any phase of self doubt, know that you don't really have to change anything about yourself to be better or more loved, because you are who you are and you are loved and so well enough. 


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  1. Great blogpost cutie <3

    Johanna from

  2. It's so great you're doing things for you This happened to me a while ago, I thought I was only good enough if I was doing what other bloggers were doing but I decided to do what I liked and I've since found my own way of editing and writing and I couldn't be happier <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. I felt the same way too and now I'm enjoying my blog as it is. I'm improving my blog at my own pace. Great message and post. :)