Sunday, 21 August 2016

I don't workout but i do love my body


When it comes to working out, i am the laziest of them all. I hate the idea of wasting the so little time i have for myself at the gym. Am i the only one? 

However, i do love to look great and to be happy about the way i look. I have my own ways that i am going to be sharing today with you; 

By no means i lift weights, because i do hate the feeling of sore arms and legs but since i love to have a good shape: 

I run 
I take the bike a lot for almost an hour ride 
I try my best to walk a lot 
I stay active as much as i can 

Also, i don't like to stop myself from eating anything i like, such as Pizza or ice cream. But i do my best to know how much do i eat from each. Life is about balance after all.  

If you are to ask me if i do like my shape, yes i do
I love my body, it might not have abs but who needs that if i love the way i look and feel about my body shape. 

I wanted to write this post so bad for a long time now, because i think a lot of girls on social media focus on sharing their sweaty selfies to show their hard work in the gym just to make those who hate working out feel guilty and bad about how they look. but NO if you hate working out, don't stress yourself out, just be more active, you are doing great. 

Do you workout? 
Or do you just hate it like me? 

Let's know more about each other 


Thank you for reading; 

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  1. Thank you for this post <3

    Johanna from

    1. Aww you are so welcome Johanna :* so happy you loved it.

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