Thursday, 14 August 2014

App of the Month ❤︎

It is the time again, for an "App of the Month" post. Today's app, is a very special one (at least for me ;) ) it is an app for my own blog ❤︎ If you are excited? Then continue reading to know how you can have my app. 
Before i start, i just want to point out that this app works for both Android and Apple devices. 

If you have an Apple phone then here is the way for you: 

1. You have to use the Safari browser, it comes with your Apple device. 
2. Open my blog URL which you are probably on right now ;) if you are using an app to check my blog or whatever, here is a direct link for my blog, here
3. Click on the button that i have marked with a pink circle. 

Once you click, you will receive this page, another time click on the button that i have marked with a pink circle. 

You will receive this page, feel free to change the name cuteinstgram with any other you desire, and then, click add which is on the right corner of your screen. And then ❤︎ You have my app. 

Basically this is not a real app, it is a kind of bookmark that i guarantee for you, it won't take any space from your own phone if it is already full like mine haha. 

If you are wondering, what this bookmark/app will do, it will let you have a quick access for my own blog, if you love my blog then Do It , if not just ignore this post ❤︎

If you have an Android phone: 

Go to my Blog using your Internet app "the one that comes with your phone" 

Click on the top right corner, a pop up window will appear for you. Click on "add shortcut on home screen" then, vòala it is there. 

Julie xxx

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